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How to rent an Urbo Bike

01 find a bike


Locate a bike either on

the app’s map or by

seeing one in person.

02 unlock&ride


By using the app, scan the QR code situated on the lock on the back wheel. You must have your phone’s Bluetooth switched on to rent a bike. Ride for £0.50 per 30 min.

03 park&lock


Finish your trip manually

by pushing the lever located

on the lock.

Watch the video how does Urbo bike sharing work?

The bike is tracked by GPS


It is recommended that you leave your Urbo in one of our designated parking zones. If you are unable to park in one of our designated zones, please park at an existing bicycle stand. Wherever your Urbo is, it must be parked responsibly and not causing an obstruction.

Secure Payment System


All payments to Urbo are facilitated by WorldNet payment solutions. Your payment information is processed in a manner that is safe and compliant with the GDPR. All payments will be confirmed in advance by the customer and your account will never be debited without your consent. Your payment is fast, convenient and safe. Customers can top up anywhere, any time.

Meet Urbo

 Dutch Dynamo Lights (rear and front)

Urbo’s Lock
Urbo’s BCG Saddle

Urbo's ETD Frame 

Scandinavian Handgrips

3-speed Gears by Shimano (inner hub) 

Carrier Basket & Solar Panel

Solid Inner Tube Tyres

Internal drum brakes (rear and front)

About Urbo

Urbo is a transport and technology based bike-sharing company, transforming the urban mobility of cities.


Armed with a fusion of technology and bikes, Urbo is bike-sharing company built to revolutionise the way people move around a city or town. The GPS-tracked smart bike system is built to fulfill the needs of people’s short distance travel.


We are an Irish company, with a profound experience in the bicycle industry. Our team and partners have deep roots in the bicycle and technology industry, along with extensive experience in the area of urban planning. Urbo’s team has worked alongside councils and advocacy groups throughout Europe.


Urbo’s team is driven by the conviction that the best way to promote sustainable and integrated local transit is to offer the most advanced technology and an extremely user-friendly experience.

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